How Does It Work?

Transformational Breath® works on three levels

Physical level

80% of our energy comes in via our breath and 75% of our detoxification happens via our breath. During the sessions you get way more oxygen than you would do during your normal day as most of us only use 25% of our lung capacity. More oxygen in body means better functioning organs, cleaner blood, more energy, and healthier life.

Mental and Emotional Level

Over the years we adopt so many emotional and mental scars. During the session, by the help of connected breath, toning and digital pressing those suppressed and repressed emotions which creates low vibrational frequency blockages in the body are entrained and integrated back into body’s higher vibrational frequency which results in you feeling lighter.

Spiritual Level

By feeling lighter, it is easier to connect with your higher self and the source, and feel your presence in a stronger level so you get a good sense of guidance in life.