I found the experience very beneficial not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Harika makes you feel calm and safe and able to completely embrace the practice of breath. I didn’t realise there was so much I didn’t know about breathing and my own body! I would highly recommend this for those interested in health and happiness!!!

Johanna MOORE

I didn’t know anything about Transformational Breath (R) before the session I had with Harika, i had some personal issues I couldn’t solve and I wasn’t happy about. Harika made me feel relaxed by giving me detailed information. I went through different emotions and feelings during the session.  Right now I feel happy about being at peace with myself, more importantly with my body.  Harika is a very gifted trainer.  In my opinion, Transformational Breath (R) should be in everyone’s life. Thank you Harika.


When I started the session, I found it a very hard work. As I continued, I got the technique and it became easier. At one point, I was only feeling the breath and I felt as I became one with the universe. All matter disappeared and I was only in feelings.  It was like a new doors opened for me, all my channels were receiving the messages from universe and I discovered a new talent I never knew I had which I am pursuing. Harika and her team were very good, clear and supportive. I am very pleased to have joined the session and I will regularly attend to breathing classes.