Breathe into freedom...
Let Love and Breath into Your Life ... Be Transformed

Relieve Stress ... Heal relationships. Heal yourself – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally.
Live fully. Be Joyful. Make your own personal connection with Spirit.

  • More health
    It helps you to open up your respiratory system, which results in healthier body due to high oxygen intake.
  • More energy
    It helps you feel clearer mentally and emotionally
  • More balance
    Transformational Breath® sessions will help you live life to your full potential in love, joy, peace and happiness.
  • Eliminate resttrictive breathing patterns
    Learn to breathe more openly and efficiently. Be in the flow of Life!
  • Clear the subconscious
    Breathing transforms negative thought patterns & trauma, allowing for more expression of Love & Joy
  • Connect more fully with one's higher self
     Access higher levels of awareness. Express from the Soul level.
Who is Harika Pekinel
Harika Pekinel, mother of two, is originally from Turkey and has been living in the UK last 23 years.  Harika always had an interest in self development, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. After graduating from university (BA in Tourism and Hotel Management), Harika worked in finance and tourism sectors for many years. Harika joined seminars and trainings in different parts of the world before becoming a Transformational Breath® Trainer. Founder of Breathing Universe Harika Pekinel currently runs workshops and classes in Turkey and  in the U.K.  Harika has also been trained on different subjects related to children and also a fitness and dance instructor. MORE +
How is Transformational Breath different than other breathing methods?
Judith Kravitz developed Transformational Breath after extensive training and experience in teaching yoga, Rebirthing and many other modalities. Transformational Breath incorporates the best from each of these practices. It insures the fastest, most reliable way to experience a complete and lasting shift physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Transformational Breathing is an important foundation upon which to build the value of other enjoyable breathing practices. It quickly and reliably clears out resistance and gives a powerful jumpstart to the person's overall energy level. SEE ALL +
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Start with a small step for a big change. Breathe!